Ten CassaForm Formwork That Will Actually Make Build an Amazing Architecture

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CassaForm is an Australia-based company well-known for providing effective construction solutions to their client. They are one of the reputed suppliers of propping, shoring and formwork equipments in Australia. In fact, if you ask Google about formwork Melbourne then the name CassaForm comes in the first few ranks in the SERP or search engine result page.

Formwork is extensively used in constructions for support. It is basically a mould for concrete. The mould can be of steel, wood, pre-fabricated forms or aluminum. Following are ten amazing CassaForm formwork that has the potential to build an amazing architecture:

  1. CassaForm Super Shore: Following are its features:
  1. Supports 70kN per frame.
  2. Lightweight and easy to handle; labour cost is thus minimized
  3. Infinite height adjustment. Actually they can be joined with the help of connectors so the desired height can be achieved.
  4. Composes of five parts: frames, cross braces, frame connector and pin, adjustable jack both hollow and solid, base plate, telescopic leg extensions.   
  5. CassaForm Super Shore can be subdivided into the following types:
  1. 5 Types based on height of frames like 3 ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 7 ft.
  2. 8 types based on weight of cross braces like 3.6 to 5.1 kg
  1. CassaForm PL20 linear system:
  1. The best substitute for timber formwork due to cost-effectiveness, lightweight and highly flexible.
  2. Composes of six parts: propping, wooden beams, drop heads, tripods, support 30, four-way heads and Corner 25.
  1. Slabform: If you are looking out for a quick and easy to install formwork with a light weight and good productivity rate then this variety may prove to be the right choice. It has several components like propping system, panels, beams, fixed heads and drop heads.
  2. P300: it is a modular formwork from CassaForm that is known for its versatility of usage like on-site casting for walls and other vertical structures. It has several components like propping system, panels, corners, infill bars, alignment and working platform. The multi-layer panel is made of high quality birch wood while the propping system is made from high quality steel. There are several safety equipments available with P300. These components should also be used. The components are:
  1. Support bracket helps to provide safety rails and a working platform for the constructor. It is a must if the wall that it is to be constructed has a significant height.
  2. Self –supporting hooks help to haul machineries and other devices or equipments. This is mostly recommended when the panel constructed is longer than the safe height as quoted by CassaForm engineers.
  3. Safety boots, hard hat, gloves, safety goggles are some the standard safety equipments that should be used to avoid any accident.
  1. SVELT curved formwork system: this curved formwork has a variable radius with 2.5m as the minimum radius length.

The above formworks with their various sub-types accounts for more than ten varieties. Each variety is capable of providing different types of support so that a sturdy and beautiful piece of architecture can be achieved.

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